Criss Bellini Introduces a Marriage Between Modern and Traditional Art

Two eras collide through the works of the rising artist, Criss Bellini, who has successfully brought together the traditional and contemporary through his unique approach to art commissioning. With an innovative approach to creating art for enthusiasts and collectors everywhere, the artist is on a mission to redefine the way people consume and enjoy creative work today.

Merging the timeless workings of hand-painted acrylic and mixed media artworks on canvas and digital advancements, Criss has found the perfect balance between the commercial and customized. Most upcoming art collectors struggle with the price points of commissioned one-on-one art while others battle with disappointment over the mass-produced works that provide zero novelty. Criss Bellini has worked a perfect middle-ground through his unique business model for his art company.

Criss Bellini is an anonymous artist who doesn’t take off his mask, as his mask signifies the masks we each wear each day. Growing up, Criss didn’t live a carefree life, as he grew up in the ghetto and fled a war. As an artist to watch, he has received endless reviews, and though he started making art in January 2020, he has made a million dollars in his first year.

The artist’s process starts with an originally created artwork, which a professional photographer then digitizes for production. Each painting only gets a total of 250 pieces to retain its limited feel, “just like the art pieces it takes inspiration from.” “I haven’t seen people do this type of mix of art before,” shares Criss. “‘Real Art’ is too expensive and mass produced art is for everyone and boring. I’ve found the perfect balance.”

Criss’ work draws inspiration from hip-hop culture, and he will always take inspiration from there. He dedicates his life’s work to people who seek to democratize art while also not settling for mediocrity. Disappointed by the art scene’s lack of options, the revolutionary artist aimed to create another category apart from cheap posters and overpriced artworks. The result became a new brand of art that might change the way people view art for future generations. “Many of us don’t like the feeling of buying something so personal that’s mass-produced, so by doing my own original artwork and only offering my art in limited edition designs on my website, I can bring you unique and affordable wall art that stands out from the mass productions while maintaining the feeling of exclusivity,” adds Criss Bellini.

The Sweden-based artist creates all his artworks at his studio and introduces a blend of the traditional and modern. His subjects and themes bring a unique style that art lovers have never seen before. The artist also shares how his works blend motivation into his output, often including a theme or message that looks to positively impact its viewers. Since beginning operations, Criss has already sold out several paintings and paused production to keep originality. He continues to release new pieces that continue to sell rapidly, building a sense of urgency amongst avid buyers and collectors.

Criss Bellini hopes that his new approach to art would start a new movement in the industry and help other struggling artists find different ways to monetize their passions. He also hopes to become an inspiration to younger artists who dream of turning their talents and crafts into a full-time profession, just as he has today.

The industry-shaking artist is ramping up to invade US art circles just as his name has penetrated many markets all across Europe. He hopes to work with artists Virgil Abloh and create collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton soon.

Criss offers all of his artworks exclusively and directly through his website. Learn more about the artist by checking out his Instagram profile and Facebook page.